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Maintenance Why is it important, how often?

In order to reduce health hazards and expensive repairs it is important to pump out your septic system regularly. Please visit the Understanding Your Septic System page to further understand your system and the necessity to have it properly maintained. If you live in the Capital Region of Victoria it is the law to have your septic system serviced regularly. Septic systems should be pumped out between 3-5 years depending on the number of individuals in the household. Older septic systems typically have small septic tanks that may require pumping every two years, while newer systems with low usage may only need to be pumped out every 4-5 years.

Van Isle Septic also offers a customized maintenance plan to monitor and maintain your septic system yearly. A maintenance plan develops a pumping schedule based on your individual usage. The maintenance plan includes routine maintenance such as cleaning filters, inspecting the outlet baffle, and monitoring ground conditions.

Customers on the maintenance plan also receive discounted rates for pump outs. For more information regarding a customized maintenance plan with discounted rates or pump out dates please call 250-741-1222.

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