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During our yearly visits we will advise you when you should pump out your septic tank based on its unique situation. During this visit we will also clean filters that require yearly maintenance, inspect the inlet baffle (the transition point from the tank to the septic field) to ensure it is in adequate condition. Many older systems have concrete inlet baffles that degrade over time. This leads to solids entering your septic field that creates health hazards and

required repairs. Van Isle Septic will also measures the level of sludge at

the bottom of the tank and measure the level of scum that is near the

surface. If maintenance is neglected, sludge can fill the septic tank,

which causes your septic system to fail.

Discounted rates on scheduled pump outs are included as part of

the maintenance package. Through scheduled planning of pump

outs Van Isle Septic is able to increasingly utilize their labour

force and minimize fuel consumption. Combined with

reduced fuel consumption and emissions, the maintenance

plan also provides your household with real savings. Our lower

cost is reflected in a lower price for you.

Our maintenance plan provides you with discounted rates & professional yearly assessments  of your septic system.
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