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When purchasing or selling your home  is it is imperative that you have a septic inspection.

Many mortgage companies require that a septic inspection must be completed prior to

final sale. Regardless of whether your particular lender requires a septic inspection, the logic

is sound. Septic systems can cost, depending on soil condition, between $6,000 and $35,000.

Repairs can also be expensive depending on the specific deficiencies in your current system.

Van Isle Septic provides the most comprehensive real estate inspections in the industry.

Our inspections include visual inspection of the septic tank and a video inspection of the

septic field. We also complete a “dye test” that measures how well your septic field is

dispersing liquids. Additionally we manually expose the septic system to save you time.

Our final reports are clear, informative, and professional. Our reports are written and

include comprehensive photos to clearly support the findings in

comparison to other reports.

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