Pump Outs

Can be scheduled by calling our office at 250-741-1222

Our staff will work with you and provide prompt, professional, and friendly service. Included in a routine pump out, which is unique to Van Isle Septic, is our ability to provide a visual and oral assessment of the tank and the ground conditions upon request.

Please view our maintenance page to learn more about how the maintenance plan can work for you.

Our Maintenance Plan

Provides you with yearly assessments of your septic system.

Annual maintenance checks will allow us to advise you when you should pump out your septic tank, based on its unique situation. During this visit, we will also clean filters that require yearly maintenance and inspect the outlet baffle (the transition point from the tank to the septic field) to ensure it is in adequate condition. Many older systems have concrete baffles that degrade over time. This leads to solids entering your septic field which creates health hazards and required repairs. Van Isle Septic will also measure the level of sludge at the bottom of the tank and the level of scum (or crust) that is near the surface. If maintenance is neglected, sludge can fill the septic tank, which causes your septic system to fail.

Real Estate Purchase Inspections

Before purchasing your new home it is imperative that you have a septic system inspection.

Many mortgage companies require that a septic inspection be completed prior to final sale. Regardless of whether your particular lender requires a septic inspection, the logic is sound. Septic systems can cost between $8,000 and $35,000, depending on soil conditions.

Repairs can also be expensive, depending on the specific deficiencies in your current system.

Van Isle Septic provides the most comprehensive real estate inspections in the industry.

Our inspections include a visual check of the septic tank and, where possible, a video inspection of the septic field. We also complete a “flow & dye test” that measures how well your septic field is dispersing liquids. Additionally, we manually expose the septic system to save you time.

In comparison to other septic inspections, our final written reports are clear, informative, professional and include comprehensive photos to clearly support the findings.

Septic Design

Van Isle Septic is part of a select group that is registered and qualified to design septic systems.

After a design is engineered, it becomes the sole property of the purchaser who then has the ability to use qualified companies to install the system as per the design. Van Isle Septic is one of the few qualified companies to provide this service.

Septic systems can cost anywhere from $8,000 to $35,000.

When spending such figures it is imperative that you hire the best to ensure that the installation is completed to the highest standard.

Van Isle Septic embraces the “done once, done right” philosophy. This philosophy was a contributing factor in our nomination for the Stirling Award for Customer Service and our success as a family owned and operated company. Our 30 plus years of experience, on top of our unwavering commitment to excellence, provides you with superior service. Septic designs and installations can often be scheduled with flexibility depending on your individual needs.

Commercial Services

Van Isle Septic offers complete septic services for commercial venues.

For more information on Van Isle Septic can serve your unique businesses’ needs please contact our office at  250-741-1222 or email info@vanisleseptic.com